Video Shows Trump Suggest He Planned To Call Mexicans 'Rapists'

Donald Trump suggested in a June 2016 video deposition that the offensive remarks he made about Mexicans during his campaign launch were premeditated.

In newly released video footage of a legal deposition, Donald Trump implied he planned to call Mexican immigrants “rapists” during his June 2015 campaign kickoff.

Trump suggested the infamous claim was premeditated during a sworn video deposition obtained by BuzzFeed. The June 2016 deposition was part of a lawsuit the Republican presidential candidate filed against restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian who dropped his plans to open a business in Trump’s new Washington D.C. hotel due to the disparaging comments the real estate mogul made about Mexicans.

In the footage, Trump says he did not write his statement in advance, but did plan what was said during his announcement speech.

Trump insidiously justified his scandalous remark, citing that the topic of illegal immigration led to his presidential nomination for a major political party in the United States.

“I mean, I've tapped into something. I've tapped into illegal immigration,” Trump said.

Trump appeared perplexed that his remarks were perceived as outlandish, given his campaign’s success.

“I am running for office. I obviously have credibility because I now, as it turns out, became the Republican nominee,” Trump said. “So it’s not like I’ve said anything that could be so bad because if I said something that was so bad they wouldn’t have had me go through all these people and win all of these primary races.”

Trump’s lawyers fought the deposition from being publicized, noting the footage could be used in attack ads against the candidate. Yet a judge ruled Friday, that that assumption wasn’t sufficient enough reason to withhold it from the public.

Trump’s rhetoric is often noted as off-the-cuff, but this new development finds his incendiary remarks are not as bold and brash as assumed. 

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