Trump Plans To Reduce Gun Violence By Introducing Even Bigger Guns

“We believe every child deserves to live in safe home, so you’re getting a lot of equipment,” Trump told the mayors following the Kentucky school shooting.

As outrageous as it may sound, self-professed “really smart” President Donald Trump thinks the solution to end gun violence is to introduce even more dangerous guns.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders not only struggled to explain what the president was doing to prevent future incidents like the deadly Marshall County mass shooting, but also attacked NBC’s Peter Alexander for supposedly accusing Trump of being complicit in the massacre.

“The fact that you're basically accusing the president of being complicit in a school shooting is outrageous,” Sanders snapped upon being questioned.

However, Trump answered for himself during a speech to later in the day, when he promised city mayors military-grade weaponry to solve the problem.

“We’re also getting you a lot of our excess military equipment, you know all about that,” the commander-in-chief began. “The previous administrations — but in particular, the previous administration — they didn’t like to do that, and someday they’ll explain why. But we had a lot of excess military equipment, we’re sending it to your police as they need it, and it’s made a tremendous difference.”

Because according to Trump, the only way to reduce gun violence is to make the weapon even more accessible.

“We believe every child deserves to live in safe home, attend a great school, and look forward to an amazing and very, very safe future, so you’re getting a lot of equipment,” he added.

The plan is quite vague as Trump didn’t clarify how those armored vehicles and high-caliber guns will prevent mass shootings.

This is not the first time the president has supported the idea of bringing in more guns instead of increasing gun control measures. However, that isn’t surprising considering how Trump’s election campaign reportedly received more than $30 million from the National Rifle Association, raising a huge question about the nature of relationship between his administration and the association.



Trump displayed his grief over the 11th gruesome school shooting this year by offering his thoughts and prayers — but that is not enough at all.


The United States faced 11 mass shooting 23 days into the new year and the president doesn’t seem to have a proper plan to prevent such tragedies. Ahead of Trump’s discussion with the mayors, the NBC reporter had brought up the very same topics in front of Sanders

“On Tuesday, there was a high school in Kentucky; Monday a school cafeteria outside Dallas; a charter school parking lot in New Orleans as well — there have been 11 shootings in schools in the first 23 days of this year,” Alexander had informed the press secretary.  

Sanders had acknowledged the victims for merely three seconds.

“In October, after the Vegas shooting, you said it was an unspeakable tragedy from that podium. You said it was a day for consoling survivors and mourning those we have lost, but you said there’s a time and place for political debate. What has the president done in the time since October to prevent any of these shootings from taking place?” the reporter asked.

Sanders was not only tongue tied but also tried to dodge the question by citing the slight decrease in “U.S. violent crime that occurred during his first months in office.”

“We’ve had two years of increased violence prior to the president taking office. We’ve tried to crack down on crime throughout the country,” she claimed.

Perhaps it would have been better had she just stayed quiet instead of mentioning something that didn’t even address school shootings. She later snapped at Alexander for suggesting Trump was “complicit.”

The comeback was poor, given the fact Trump’s reelection campaign recently accused Democrats of being “complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants” in an inflammatory advertisement.

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