Trump Suggests Terrorism Will Potentially Be Beneficial For Le Pen

“The candidate who is strongest on borders, and she’s the strongest on what’s been going on in France.”

With polling in the French elections just a few days away, France was hit with a fresh wave of terror. A gunman opened fire on the Champs Elysees killing one police officer and leaving two injured.

President Donald Trump took this attack as an opportunity and intervened into the French elections by tweeting that he expected the killing to have an impact on the voting.


Trump suggests that the attack would probably help the French far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, who debuted her presidential campaign with a few choice words that shows exactly what she thinks about immigrants, Muslims and globalization.

She is the president of National Front, a “national conservative” political partyand her political stances arevery similar to Trump.Following the attack, she revised her campaign rhetoric and said France should reinstate border checks and expel foreigners who are on the watch lists of intelligence services.

As Trump shows his indirect support with Le Pen, the White House made it clear that he is not endorsing her. He also recently said Le Pen is the strongest candidate in the elections.

“The candidate who is “strongest on borders, and she’s the strongest on what’s been going on in France,” he said.

Le Pen is famous for her anti-Islamic stance, and the far-right leader wants to defend "French culture" by getting tough on Islamic practices.She also compared Muslims settling in France to wolves in a hen house and claimed Islamic fundamentalism was “planting itself in some neighborhoods and vulnerable minds.”

“We do not want to live under the yoke of the threat of Islamic fundamentalism. Islamic fundamentalism is attacking us at home,” she said.

The French far-right candidate is also all praise for Trump as she was the only major French candidate who backed Republican Trump in the U.S. presidential election.She also congratulated Trump and even created her own manifesto behind him called “France First.”

“The Americans have made the choice for their national interests. The awakening of the people against oligarchies can become a reality, and the impossible can become possible. This awakening marks the end of an era,” she said.




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