Trump Supporter Goes Overboard, Buys Billboard To Slam ABC News

Kyle Courtney of Boerne, Texas, is apparently upset with ABC News for taking time out to cover one of the biggest scandals in Washington, D.C.


A frustrated Texas resident declared his support for President Donald Trump in an extremely ostentatious way by buying an actual billboard.

Kyle Courtney of Boerne, about 40 miles northwest of San Antonio, was apparently angry that news channels, specifically ABC News, are taking time out to cover the biggest scandal in Washington, D.C., aka the alleged Russian interference in 2016 presidential election and investigations into whether Trump campaign officials colluded with Kremlin operatives.

“ABC News: I grew up with you,” read the billboard. “We are through. The Russians didn’t elect Donald Trump. I did.”

Well, as The Huff Post correctly pointed out, Courtney did not elect Trump either. In fact, Trump only won the election because of the Electoral College. His Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is the one who won the popular vote with a margin of about 3 million.

However, just like many other Trump supporters who refuse to see reason and continue to blindly trust a man who has no experience whatsoever running a government and has accumulated a cabinet comprising solely of his billionaire friends, Courtney is expected to keep his billboard up for next two months.

“ABC News was the only channel I watched as a child growing up in Texas but I think they have lost touch with America and forgotten the working man,” he told The HuffPost. “They don’t represent our voice anymore.”

The Trump fanatic, who is reportedly in the business of drilling water wells, also accused the media of coordinating with Clinton's presidential campaign.

“Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was funded by the Clinton Foundation in close coordination with the media, and now we’re seeing them try to fix what they couldn’t fix during the election,” he continued. “They are doing everything they can, night after night, to create narratives and sway people’s direction to impeach Donald Trump. Our democracy is at stake when a major political party and the media are in bed together. I’m not asking anyone to boycott the Democratic Party. I’m not in the brainwashing business, but the liberal media is.”

His rhetoric mirrors what the commander-in-chief screams about the press.

Trump has declared media as “enemy of the American people,” leading his supporters to believe every story highlighting the new administration’s failure and alleged scandals is actually a hoax — or “fake news” as the president so frequently calls it.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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