Trump Supporter Caught Punching Protester In The Face

The altercation prompted the police to arrest the pro-Trump demonstrator as groups of critics and Trump supporters clashed during opposing rallies in Hollywood.

After the election, one would think that showing support for President Donald Trump by being physically aggressive toward a political opponent would finally get a bad rep. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Footage captured during protests in Hollywood, California, shows a Trump supporter punching a protester in the face. The incident happened after the protester hit the supporter with a placard during the rally.

The Saturday protests took a turn for the worse after the two men started an altercation.

While both anti-Trump advocates and Trump supporters took to the streets at the same time, the confrontation between the two men was the one caught on tape. They were heard shouting obscenities as others watched. After the 72-year-old was punched, others intervened to keep the man from attacking him further. The victim was only identified as Greywolf.

Anti-Trump advocates were seen in the footage telling others to avoid engaging with Trump supporters. Using a bullhorn, someone is heard saying, “This is a peaceful protest," and "Do not engage.”

As the protests became more intense, with people from both sides taking part in opposing demonstrations, the police shut down part of Hollywood Boulevard.

Eventually, however, the groups were separated by officers who stood between the two sides.

The man caught punching the anti-Trump demonstrator was promptly arrested on suspicion of battery, police spokesman Sgt. Neil Wank said.

Violence sparked by political differences should never be celebrated.

While we hope that the person involved in this show of force is able to learn from this experience, something tells us that few others will.

As divisiveness remains a problem across the country, we're unfortunately most certain we'll continue to see this type of behavior taking place left and right.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Gage Skidmore.

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