12-Year-Old Takes Brave Stand Against Raging Trump Supporter

“I’m standing up for my people,” said young activist Joseph Moreno. “When you’re backing down on them, I’m standing up for them.”

In case you needed more evidence that some supporters of President Donald Trump are indeed malicious bullies, well, here you go.

A young activist had just finished speaking at a city council meeting in Huntington Park, California and was receiving pats on the back for his speech when a man, reportedly wearing a Trump flag, approached the group exiting the City Hall and began shrieking, "American! American."

The unidentified bigot probably thought 12-year-old Joseph Moreno would be an easy target he could bully into silence, but he couldn't have been more wrong.

He told Moreno he was a "brainwashed little child" and inquired if he was American.

“I was born here, but I am also half-Mexican,” the boy responded.  

After asking Moreno if he could vote in Mexico and receiving a perfectly measured answer — “Of course I would vote... but I can’t because I’m 12!” — the Trump supporter continued harassing him.

After the boy, who previously made headlines for participating in May Day protests with a placard that read “If you build a wall, my generation will knock it down," called Trump a racist, the racist man himself became outraged.

“How is he not a racist?" Moreno shot back. "He called Mexicans rapists, drug dealers… I’m standing up for my people. When you’re backing down on them, I’m standing up for them.”

The Trump fanatic, however, continued yelling.

“I’m a racist? I’m a racist?” he shouted at the child. “You have no idea, you’re just a little boy!”

“Actually, I have an idea, because if I hadn't I wouldn't have gotten high honors,” Moreno responded, effectively closing the argument.

The video of their altercation was uploaded on Facebook with the caption, “Mark my words... he is a future leader!”

Watch the steamy exchange of the future generation of America smartly shutting down an illogical Trump supporter in the video above. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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