Angry Trump Supporter Accuses Ted Cruz Of Election Fraud

The persistent woman cornered the Republican presidential candidate outside an ice cream shop during a campaign stop in Indiana.

Ted Cruz got into a heated conversation with a Donald Trump supporter on Monday immediately after stepping off his campaign bus outside an ice cream shop in Indiana.

The woman, who later identified herself as Kathy Hiel, echoed the sentiments of numerous Trump supporters about the delegate selection process in a number of states. Expressing her anger over the Texas senator’s Colorado win, where not a single individual was allowed to cast a vote for a candidate, Hiel accused Cruz of being the establishment’s candidate.

Although the White House hopeful insisted the grassroots operations working to win delegates are the “exact opposite of the establishment,” the persistent woman kept asking him about matters such as his stance on Trans-Pacific Partnership, while the candidate continued defending himself by putting the blame on Republic rival and party front-runner Donald Trump.

The heated encounter ended with the senator, unable to come up with a viable answer, telling Hiel he will have a “respectful conversation” with her.

Watch the awkward interaction in the video above.

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