Trump Supporter Caught On Video Punching And Choking Protester

Another day, another rally and another incident caught on camera purportedly showing a Trump supporter being violent with a protester – and getting away with it.

A Donald Trump follower, yet again, resorted to violence to silence protesters and quite conveniently got away with it.

The latest incident was captured on camera during the Republican candidate’s campaign rally in Asheville, North Carolina, when he slammed Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for calling his supporters deplorable.

A man, apparently a Trump protester, got up from his seat to grab and punch another man who, along with a group of eight other people, was chanting slogans against the media mogul.

The violence ensued as Trump criticized Clinton for her statement that half of his supporters belong in “a basket of deplorables” and the protester reportedly made an inappropriate gesture directed at the media mogul.

Although police officers were present throughout the arena, the US Cellular Center, they didn’t intervene or arrest the unidentified Trump supporter.

The episode might be the first physical altercation reported in months at a Trump event but violence at his rallies isn’t new.

Throughout the billionaire’s primary run, people, mostly Latinos and African-American protesters, have been punchedpushed, dragged, shoved, humiliated and spat at various campaign events.

And Trump has never, to this day, ever explicitly denounced his backers’ antics. In fact, he has praised them.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Kevin Lamarque 

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