Trump Supporter Tells Immigrants: ‘The Wolves Are Coming For You’

"The wolves are coming. Do you hear them? They’ve had a taste of blood. They want their meal,” read the sinister caption by the Trump supporter.



Donald Trump’s election as president is quickly producing an outpouring of hate echoing the one that followed Brexit in the United Kingdom.

Possibly the most menacing social media post has come in the form of a video in which a Trump supporter, “Grabby Nimble,” is warning “leftist” immigrants to leave the United States — or else.

The caption is titled, “The wolves are coming. Do you hear them? They’ve had a taste of blood. They want their meal.”

The bearded supporter blows smoke into the camera and states with a smirk:

“To the leftists.  We the wolves, who have not had a taste of blood for the better part of 20 years, have finally gotten a taste,” he said. “And the wolves that have long been consigned to the forest of despair are coming home to roost. They’re now at the table, and you are dinner.”

He also followed his bloodthirsty rant with some advice to immigrants.

“If Mr. Trump becomes President Trump, emigrate. Some of you have an option to repatriate to another country, in the Middle East,” he added.

“The forest is now our turf,” he ended the monologue. “And you, ideologically — perhaps not physically but at least ideologically — are now the hunted.”

The video generated a lot of likes and approving responses from racist, xenophobic Trump supporters.

Trump supporters tweets

A person, who dared to defy their hate-mongering rant, was replied with:

hate-mongering rant

racist post

This racist post is just one of many instances where immigrants are being targeted for especially virulent abuse.

Jose Antonio Vargas, a gay Filipino journalist and immigration, who came to the U.S. as an undocumented immigrant at 12, said Trump supporters mocked him that he was going to be deported.



Some people are concerned the online abuse might escalate to violence even worse than that seen in the U.K. after Brexit.

“I am extremely worried,” said Priska Komaromi, a co-author of a post-Brexit racism report. “Because there are certainly similarities to do with how rhetoric by powerful political figures can have real consequences — but in the case of Trump it was at a completely different level: his whole campaign was inciting racial hatred. And in the U.S. they have guns.”

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