Pro-Trump Blogger Assaults Woman During Speech On White Nationalism

The incident took place during Gateway Pundit reporter Lucian Wintrich’s “It’s OK to be white” speech at the University of Connecticut.



Police at the University of Connecticut arrested a conservative blogger after he allegedly attacked a female student after his speech on white pride.

Lucian Wintrich, the White House correspondent and D.C. bureau chief for far-right website Gateway Pundit, was met with boos and jeers as he spoke inside the Andre Schenker Lecture Hall, the title of his speech being “It’s OK to be white.”

The event, sponsored by the UConn College Republicans, was supposed to “discuss identity politics, liberal victimhood, anti-conservative bias and other hot-button issues,” according to the group’s Facebook page, reported The Hartford Courant.

However, all it did was draw a large number of protesters, who chanted “go home Nazi” as Wintrich stood at the podium, boasting about white nationalism and drinking milk — which white supremacists have come to adopt as a symbol of racial purity.


Although protests mired the entire event, a female student became the alleged victim of physical assault following a verbal sparring with the Gateway Pundit reporter, who literally ran in to the audience to grab her.

The woman, who remains unidentified, had reportedly taken Wintrich’s handwritten notes from the podium.

The UConn campus police removed the speaker from the room shortly after the incident, then took him to a nearby bathroom after people began shattering windows and someone set off a smoke bomb outside.

Although the Gateway Pundit later reported Wintrich was arrested, it is not clear if police charged him with any crime.

It is also unclear if the woman he allegedly attacked was injured.


“I can confirm that the speaker has been arrested and he is in police custody,” university’s spokesperson Stephanie Reitz told The Hartford Courant. “There are no other arrests and no injuries.”

The UConn College Republicans had reportedly billed the event as an “opportunity to meet someone on the front lines of the media versus Trump battle,” but the group claimed it “was not organized for or by white supremacists,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

“UConn does not bar speakers on the basis of content. Free speech, like academic freedom, is one of the university’s bedrock principles. That being said, a particular speaker or group’s presence on campus doesn’t indicate UConn’s endorsement of the presenter or their message,” Reitz added. “Any student group is free to reserve on-campus space for a speaker or other program as long as the event adheres to UConn’s guidelines, which apply to all student groups and on-campus programming.”

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