Trump Supporter On GOP Health Plan: ‘I Might As Well Have Not Voted’

A North Carolina resident who voted for President Donald Trump is feeling duped after learning the details of the Republicans’ proposed “Obamacare” replacement.

Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump cheer...

In just the first two months of his presidency, Donald Trump has gotten off to a tumultuous start — and things only seem to be going further downhill.

His policies thus far, including his controversial travel ban, have ruffled feathers among Republicans and Democrats alike. The drama continued this week as Trump offered his support for the House Republican’s proposed health care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is shaping up to leave many Americans worse off.

Even Trump’s own supporters are beginning to feel duped by his false promises to replace “Obamacare” with something better.

ABC News interviewed North Carolina Trump supporter Martha Brawley, 55, who said she voted for the very first time in her life for him and now regrets it.

Brawley said she believed Trump could bring down the cost of health care, but she’s hardly impressed by what the Republican Congress has presented thus far with the proposed American Health Care Act being touted as “Trumpcare.”

“I voted for Trump hoping that he would change the insurance so I could get good health care,” she told ABC News. “I might as well have not voted.”

Brawley’s gripes with the plan stem from the fact that she would receive a mere $3,500 tax credit to buy insurance, as opposed to the $8,688 federal subsidy she currently receives under “Obamacare.”

“All these people who talk in politics have insurance,” she said. “People like me don’t.”

AARP, which advocates for people approaching senior citizen age and above, have echoed Brawley’s concerns. In a letter to Congress, the organization asserted that the new plan would “dramatically increase health care costs for Americans aged 50-64.”

Just as many Americans feared, older Americans and low-income families will be thrown to the wayside, so to speak, under the Republicans’ proposed bill, which is causing anger, fear, and anxiety throughout the nation. 

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