Trump Supporter Rammed His Truck Into Veteran Holding Anti-Trump Sign

An Afghanistan war veteran holding a “Veterans Against Trump Sign, was deliberately rammed into with a vehicle by two Donald Trump Supporters in North Carolina.

It’s already begun.

Two Trump supporters intentionally hit an anti-Trump protester with their vehicle as he stood in the parking lot of an American Legion outpost in King, North Carolina.

According to Fox 8 News, Steve Hewett, is an Afghanistan war veteran who was holding a “Veterans against Trump” sign on Election Day when the assailants deliberately drove into him.

Hewett filmed the incident and posted the video on Facebook, which has now been removed, but is still available on Fox 8 News.

“You just hit me,” Hewett says.

“What branch of the military were you in?” the driver asks after opening his vehicle’s door.

“You just hit me, partner,” Hewett replies. “Not only that, it’s on video. You just hang tight, the police are coming.”

While the Trump supporters fled the scene, Hewett was able to get their license plate number and provided it to police who are investigating the incident.

Trump supporters at a rally

Incidents such as this one are becoming commonplace in American society.

Throughout this year’s presidential campaign season, Donald Trump has failed to disavow violence at his rallies. In fact, he’s encouraged it.

His vitriolic rhetoric against immigrants and minorities — or anyone opposing him, really — has led his supporters to believe that they have the justification to act on their violent impulses. 

Banner Photo: Video screenshot Fox 8 News

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