Trump Supporter Says His Sexual Assault Accusers Need To ‘Grow A Set’

Several Donald Trump supporters defended the nature of his character and their choice to vote for him despite his racist and sexist behavior.

With less than a week before Election Day when we find out whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be America’s new leader, it seems that those who support the Republican candidate are more passionate than ever.

While controversy surrounding Trump’s salacious leaked “Access Hollywood” tape still lingers, Clinton has found herself in some hot water of her own as the FBI has decided to reopen investigations into her infamous emails.

The highly publicized scandals have become reflections of each candidate’s character and have inadvertently sparked a nationwide argument surrounding whose wrongdoing is worse.

CNN conducted a series of interviews with Wisconsin Trump supporters in which voters were explicitly asked how they feel about Trump’s character.

One supporter actually said he has “the character of God,” while several others acknowledged that although his character is flawed, they are willing to overlook it.

Keep in mind, Trump still faces fraud and child rape charges following this election, on top of the countless public allegations of sexual assault against him.

Another supporter, identified only as Shirley, suggested that the only reason Trump’s character has come into question is because Democrats have no other ground to stand on. She said that Democrats, “have no issues that they can win on, so all they can do is try to pick on Trump and his character.”

What may be the most disturbing response of all came from a woman identified by Raw Story as Carol Robertson, who responded very crassly to being asked how she felt about Trump’s accusers.

“I think those women need to grow a set,” she said. “You know, it’s been a lot of years. Get over it.”

While the views of these Trump supporters may not come as a huge shock, it speaks to the damaging social climate Trump has created through his toxic campaign.

Men and women alike wholeheartedly believe that Trump, who has unapologetically offended nearly every group of people in this country, has a strong moral compass.

Trump has brought out the worst in America and the stain he’s left on society isn’t going to go away overnight, even if he loses on Nov. 8th

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