Enraged Trump Fan Caught On Video Threatening To ‘Burn Down’ Bookstore

Two supporters of President Donald Trump showed up at Berkeley's Revolution Books last weekend, where they hurled abuse and threats at a bookstore volunteer.

Protesters clash in Berkeley

Supporters of President Donald Trump confronted a volunteer from a far-left bookstore in Berkeley on Saturday, threatening to burn the shop down.

According to the Berkeleyside, Trump supporters have visited Revolution Books to start a ruckus 10 times in the last six months. Saturday’s incident occurred on the one-year anniversary of a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley at which anti-fascists and supporters of the alt-right became violent.

A man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and an American flag around his shoulders along with a woman wearing a Captain America T-shirt faced off with a bookstore volunteer, who stood outside holding signs and telling the Trump supporters they could not come into the store.

A video of last weekend’s incident begins with the woman asking the volunteer

“I’m a racist because I support our president of this United States of America,” asked a woman to the volunteer in a video of last weekend's incident.

“Yes, basically, yes,” the volunteer responded.

The Trump supporters hurled abuse at the staffer throughout the video. While shouting at the volunteer, the flag-donning Trump supporter said, “You're commie scum. We're going to burn down your bookstore. You know that, right?”

Berkeley police reportedly appeared at the scene, but they did not make any arrests.

Berkeley, the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, has witnessed significant clashes between political activists of differing ideologies. The University of California, Berkeley, is viewed as a liberal bastion, but campus groups have recently invited idols of the alt-right, like Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, and Milo Yiannopoulos to speak, provoking protests.

There appears to be a magnetic appeal to Berkeley for supporters of the alt-right because of the city’s political history. Agitators, such as the ones who keep reappearing at Revolution Books, seem to be focused on stoking liberal outrage. Berkeley appears to have a target on its back that will likely not go away anytime soon.

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