Trump Supporter Wants Reporter To Be Raped By A Syrian Refugee

A New Jersey Republican candidate wanted a journalist to be raped by a Syrian refugee after she posted a photo on Facebook about Donald Trump and his ex-wife.

Update: Mike Krawitz, the New Jersey Republican running for a place in the West Deptford Township Committee dropped out of the race on Tuesday after publishing his rape comments, the Sacramento Bee reports. 

After the incident, Krawitz told the media that he didn't make the comment to journalist, Olivia Nuzzi, on her Facebook and said that his social media account was allegedly hacked. 

Nuzzi allegedly said that Krawitz has attacked her on social media since last year. 

Donald Trump's supporters will go to extreme measures to protect the racist and misogynistic presidential candidate, even if it means wishing for a person to be raped.

Mike Krawitz, a New Jersey Republican candidate for a spot on the West Deptford Township Committee, bashed Olivia Nuzzi, a Daily Beast news reporter, after she posted a link to her co-worker’s story about Trump and his ex-wife Marla Maples, Raw Story reports.

“The only person more obsessed with Marla than I am is Brandy Zadrozny and this story is great,” Nuzzi posted on Facebook, along with a link to the story.

The story mainly highlights Trump’s second-ex wife and former mistress, Maples, and briefly discusses her time with the presidential candidate and her hopes to be seen in her own light.

Krawitz soon caught a glimpse of her post and responded back to the reporter in an outrage.

“F*** you Olivia, I hope somebody rapes you today. Hope you get raped by a Syrian refugee,” Krawitz posted on social media.

Nuzzi then took to Twitter to further shame Krawitz for his disgusting words to her online.

It’s no surprise that another one of Trump’s low-class, trashy and loud-mouthed supporters is going after a reporter for an innocent post and like Trump, is using words such as rape to be used  in a way that isn’t taken seriously to them and truly offends rape victims. 

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