Deplorable: Trump Supporters Heckle 7-Year-Old Girl With Disabilities

An undecided voter decided to attend a Trump rally along with her 7-year-old daughter. But when they tried to leave the event early, Trump supporters became hostile.

Jennifer Mau from Colorado is an undecided voter who wanted to find out what the Republican presidential nominee and his supporters have to offer to people with disabilities.

So she decided to attend a Trump rally in Loveland along with her daughter, who has multiple disabilities.

At the event, Mau sat with other people with disabilities. However, nearly 20 minutes into the event, she realized the place wasn’t right for her or her daughter.

As they left, a group of Trump supporters heckled them, asking the reason behind their early exit.

“When we were leaving, somebody said, 'Why are you leaving?' and basically struck a nerve," Mau recalled during an interview with The Denver Channel. "I said, 'Why are you here? He makes fun of people like you.'"

She was referring to the infamous incident from last year when Trump shamelessly mocked a New York Times reporter for his disabilities in front of a large crowd.

Others yelled at Mau, telling her she would vote for Trump if she loved her daughter. The Secret Service eventually had to escort the pair out.

Although the mother’s experience at the media mogul’s rally was mostly bad, she said she was happy to see some people joined her, saying her daughter is beautiful.

A majority of Trump’s backers and rally-goers are as wild as the candidate himself.

Throughout the billionaire’s primary run, people, mostly Latinos and African-American protesters, have been punchedpushed, dragged, shoved, humiliated and spat at various campaign events.

And Trump has never, to this day, ever explicitly denounced his backers’ antics. In fact, he has praised them.

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