Trump Supporters In South Carolina Want To Ban Gays Along With Muslims

According to new polling, Trump fans would support a ban on Musims, homosexuals, and even thought the South should have won the Civil War.

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New polling in South Carolina shows an alarming amount of racism and homophobia in the state—apparently supporters of Donald Trump are willing to take his ridiculous views to extreme levels.

According to Public Policy Polling, which conducted a survey of almost 900 Republicans over Feb. 14th and 15th, Trump holds an enormous lead in South Carolina: 35 percent to his closest rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who poll at 18 percent each.

The survey indicates that these numbers could easily change:  “The race is still pretty fluid in South Carolina—29 percent of voters say they might change their minds between now and Election Day.”

However, those who do support Trump are staunch in their views—77 percent said they would definitively vote for Trump, and these Trump voters had some incredibly disquieting opinions.

A staggering 38 percent of Trump fans thought the South should have won the Civil War (only 24 percent supported the North’s win), 80 percent agreed with his ban on Muslims, 33 percent think Islam should be illegal in the U.S., and a disturbing 31 percent said they would support a ban on homosexuals in the country.

Now, South Carolina isn’t exactly known for its progressive views, but these numbers are both shocking and disheartening as they reveal how rampant homophobia and racism are in the state.

These horrific ideas don’t extend to all the candidates' supporters—of all the presidential hopefuls, “Trump's the only one whose supporters actually wish the South had won,” and very few of any other candidate’s supporters think a ban on homosexuals should be enforced.  

Yet oddly enough, Trump leads in support from almost every group, including “young voters…independents…and moderates.” His views, and his supporters’ views, are clearly beyond extreme, but somehow many of those who would vote for him identify as “moderate.”

Trump’s appeal continues to stump all logic and reason, but the dangerous ramifications of his ideology continue to grow.  

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