'People Just Don’t Care' If Trump’s Sexist, Says Reince Priebus

In recent interviews, Republican National Committee Chair Reince Preibus confidently backed Donald Trump, saying voters don’t care about his personal life.

Misogynist, sexist, bigoted are just a few words that have been used by women to describe the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s behavior toward women.

While doing a round of television interviews on Sunday, Reince Preibus, Chair of the Republican National Committee, said on Fox News he doesn’t think voters will care one way or another about how Donald Trump has treated women in the past.

Preibus told Fox, "I don't think Donald Trump in his personal life is something that people are looking at and saying, well, I'm surprised he has had girlfriends in the past. That's not what people look at Donald Trump for."

Reince Priebus

Preibus was referring to a New York Times in-depth investigation into what Trump’s female employees had to say about working with Trump as a boss. Needless to say, the testimonies weren’t all pretty.

The women interviewed discussed how Trump treated them based on their gender and sexually harassed them by making lewd comments about their bodies or personal sexual requests.

Preibus remarked that one article about Trump’s relationships with women isn’t going to make or break the candidate. “Voters are focused on other things,” he told Chris Wallace.

Despite recent allegations against Trump -- including posing as his own publicist and not releasing his tax returns -- the popularity of the real estate tycoon seems to be immune to negative press.

Preibus, perhaps, rightfully claimed that Trump has “rewritten the playbook” of how to campaign for president, in reference to Trump using his celebrity to promote his views. He further went on to say that Trump for president was the GOP’s “best chance” at getting a Republican into the White House.

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