Despite Comey, Russia Fiasco, This County Believes In Trump

“It’s all bulls****. I’m just tired of it. I wish [Trump and Comey] would just play well with each other instead of all this infighting,” said a Trump supporter.

Despite making scandalous and disturbing headlines, President Donald Trump appears to have a huge fan base in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, where people who helped the business mogul to win the elections in the first place still support the commander in chief.

It seems as if Trump’s alleged ties with the Russian government to sway the outcome of November's presidential election in his own favor, followed by reports of the billionaire baron leaking valuable information that could harm the country, does not bother them at all.

poll conducted recently by Franklin & Marshall College showed the president’s support graph was still strong among the Republicans and conservatives in the Pennsylvania county. About 76 percent residents, who identified themselves as conservative, rated Trump’s job performance positively.   

Trump’s job performance ratings have actually surged by five points since February, to 37 percent from 32 percent, in this particular county.

The justification that each supporter gives with a little vibe of being unhappy is just unreal. The only fact that bothers this blind Trump supporting county is that Trump fired FBI Chief James Comey while he was investigating the very same Russian probe. Reports of the media mogul having influenced Comey to let go of the Flynn fiasco is also concerning to some supporters.

However, they still strongly support their appointed president — because apparently, the good coming out of Trump’s presidency weighs more than the bad.

“I believe Trump is doing the right thing,” said Paul Visoky, a general contractor. Though he admits the allegations of Trump influencing Comey to stop Flynn’s investigation bothered him — but does not make him support any less of a Trump supporters — because for that he would need video evidence.

“It’s all bulls***,” Visoky added. “I’m just tired of it. I wish they would just play well with each other instead of all this infighting.”

Visoky appeared completely oblivious to the fact that his elected chief does not keep around people who become a liability or go against him. For instance, Flynn was fired for “misleading” Vice President Mike Pence about his communication with Russian officials, but now Trump himself is accused of leaking classified information to the Russians.

Retired Procter & Gamble employee Richard Sorokas also shared similar sentiment, explaining Comey/Trump/Flynn saga would be a “black mark.” Though he still believes Comey was fired because of the Hillary Clinton email probe. 

“Right now the positives are overlaying the negatives with Trump,” he said.

Another supporter, Mark Rabo, a heavy equipment operator whose father emigrated from Jordan, said he was upset about reports of the president allegedly leaking information to Russian officials and would like to see an independent investigation to prove the Trump-Kremlin ties. Nevertheless, he won't stop supporting his elected president.

“The guy’s only been in office four months,” he said. “It usually takes over one year of a presidency to judge the direction of the country.”

“I don’t know why all these Democrats are in an uproar,” opined Kim Woodrosky, a real estate investor from Luzerne County. “They wanted Comey’s head for what he did with Hillary. Now they’re trying to say, ‘Whoa!’ If it had been done prior to now, the Democrats would have clapped.”

The real estate tycoon won his bid for presidency with the "hire American, buy American" rhetoric and these supporters sadly still buy the xenophobic chief’s empty promises.  Despite making promises to punish companies who ship jobs overseas and to usher in an era of "winning" for the American worker, Trump has always stayed cozy with corporations that benefit him.

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