Trump Fans Are Starting To Regret Their Decision

Donald Trump's supporters are surprised and angry that their candidate has gone back on most of his campaign promises now that he's been elected.

Many Americans who voted for President-elect Donald Trump are apparently feeling angry and betrayed since Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 presidential election.

Duped by his promises to build a wall on the United States border, prosecute Hillary Clinton, ban Muslims from entering the U.S., and repeal Obamacare, Trump's followers are outraged that their leader has immediately gone back on them all. A Twitter page called "Trumpgrets" is re-tweeting many of the confessions.

Trump disgustingly refused to denounce white supremacists during his election, which led the neo-Nazis who call themselves the "alt-right" to think they were about to see their heyday. While Trump has continued to serve their interests with his cabinet appointments, he recently disavowed white supremacists, leaving the racists who voted for him because of his offensive rhetoric to also declare betrayal.

While most decent folks still believe Trump is too hateful, racist, sexist, unqualified, and self-serving to be president, it is slightly encouraging to see that he has done a complete U-turn on some of his more outrageous and terrifying campaign talking points.

Trump's supporters are upset with him for some pretty despicable reasons however, angry that he's not doing the unconstitutional things that they'd like to see happen in America. It is worrying that so many people are asking for more xenophobia and civil rights violations from him and disheartening to know we got stuck with Trump because of their votes. 

The real question is why anybody, much less nearly half of American voters, believed Trump in the first place? The most obvious of his lies, that he would become a public servant for poor Americans, should never have stumped them for a second. Trump is a con man who was on trial during the election for scamming Trump University students. He has allegedly tricked working-class employees out of money. He is a mega-rich businessman who not only doesn't understand working class problems, but is bent on serving his own interests and those of his other mega-rich friends. Why did they trust him to "drain the swamp" when government corruption could benefit him? 

If there was ever any satisfaction in saying "I told you so," it comes at an unreasonable cost. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt what his voters' motives were, and we're not only stuck with Trump, but millions of our angry, xenophobic fellow Americans.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @TeamTrump

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