Black Trump Surrogate Defends Tweeting Cartoon Of Clinton In Blackface

Pastor Mark Burns called the offensive cartoon “satire” and asserted that Democratic policies just aren’t working for African Americans.

Pastor Mark Burns

As Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continues his racist pandering to African-American voters, one of his most prominent surrogates has sparked controversy by sharing a cartoon of Hillary Clinton in blackface.

The caricature ironically accuses the Democratic candidate of “pandering” and portrays her in a T-shirt reading, “No hot sauce, no peace!”

Pastor Mark Burns, an African American himself, tweeted the inflammatory meme on Monday and then vehemently defended the graphic when MSNB host Kristen Welker questioned him about it.

Dismissed the cartoon as a “satire drawing,” Burns said his tweet embodies his frustration as a black man in America and shows how the Democratic Party “tap dances for the black vote, gets it and then disappears for four more years.”

“You’re accusing Hillary Clinton of pandering to African-American voters — and yet Donald Trump has yet to lay out and enumerate his plans to create jobs, to deal with the crime issues that he’s talking about,” Welker said. “So how can African-American voters feel as though he is validly trying to address some of their top concerns when he has not spoken directly to them and to their communities?”

Burns responded that “we need to quit talking as though when you talk to ‘the African-American community’ as though that resonates with all.”

“But he’s not talking to them at all, Pastor Burns, that’s my point,” the host interjected.

“That’s not true. He’s talking to Americans!” the evangelical pastor yelled. “And we as African Americans are Americans. We are American. We are American. and we deserve to have the same respect as all Americans. When Donald Trump talked about jobs, he didn’t talk to white America — he talked to America. And that’s the problem we have in this society.”

He asserted that he would stand behind the picture and that African Americans should make the Democrats fight for their vote.

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