Trump Surrogate Warns of ‘Muslim Gang Rapes,’ Offers Internment Camps

Betsy McCaughey went on CNN to fearmonger about refugees participating in "gang rapes" and brought up World War II style solutions to this alleged problem.

Trump surrogate Betsy McCaughey recently appeared on CNN to warn women in the U.S. of the supposed Muslim “gang rapes” that are occurring and brought up potential World War II-esque solutions to the problem.

McCaughey told host Alisyn Camerota that Hillary Clinton wanted to “be the Angela Merkel of the United States [and bring] in over 600,000 refugees,” despite the fact the President Obama has agreed to bring in a marginal 10,000 refugees per year.

She then detailed what she believed to be dangers of these refugees: “Let me tell you what the danger is. Number one, rape. When you look at what’s happening across Europe, women and young girls are being gang raped by Syrian and Muslim refugees who claimed it was because these women were scantily dressed.”

There have been no legitimate reports of gang rapes from refugees; while Germany experienced reports of sexual assault around New Year's that many blamed on refugees, there has been no concrete evidence to determine who perpetrated the assaults.

McCaughey’s proposed a solution to this essentially nonexistent problem by looking at history, stating, “Take a look at what we did during World War…We need to have the same kind of meticulous vetting that we did during previous wars because we are at war.”

Her statement makes absolutely no sense—America is not at war with refugees or Syria, and what the U.S. government did during World War II is now deemed reprehensible.

McCaughey attempted to walk back her comments when Clinton surrogate Christine Quinn pointed out that we used internment camps during World War II, claiming, “I’m not talking about putting people who reside in the United States in internment camp! But people who live in the rest of the world are not protected by the United States Constitution.”

“There is no reason to expose Americans to rape… to open our doors at a time when it’s not necessary,” she continued.

This appalling rhetoric not remotely based in reality or facts is unsurprising coming from a Trump surrogate.

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