Trump’s Surrogates Struggle To Defend His ‘ISIS Founder’ Remark

As Trump doubled-down on his claim that Obama is the literal co-founder of ISIS, his spokespeople struggled while giving best-possible interpretations of his statement.

After coming up with stuttering interpretations to defend Donald Trump’s assassination remarks about Hillary Clinton, the media mogul’s surrogates have been handed yet another task: To defend his comments in which Trump accused President Obama and Clinton of co-founding ISIS.

And they are failing, yet again, miserably to do so.

Instead of retracting his erroneous statement about the U.S. president and former vice president being the founders of the second-most lethal terror group on the planet, Trump doubled-down on his claim, saying he actually “meant” it when he said Obama is the founder of ISIS.

Meanwhile, his spokespeople scrambled to come up with the vaguest of explanations to defend the outrageous statement.

Trump’s VP pick Mike Pence, for instance, carefully refrained from using the words “founder of ISIS” for Obama, but said the president was responsible for creating “the vacuum in the wider Middle East in which ISIS was able to spawn and grow.”

Later, Trump’s spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany got schooled by CNN’s guest host John Berman – textbook style – on who exactly ISIS is and its founder.

The most painful to watch, however, was when CNN’s host Kate Bolduan read out Trump’s quote, verbatim, to Texas Congressman Michael Burgess and he went silent for about five uncomfortable seconds.

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