CNN Claps Back After Trump Says 'Get Back To Honest Reporting'

President Donald Trump’s tweet directly attacked CNN chief executive Jeff Zucker, however, he referred to him as “Little” and misspelled his last name as “Zuker.”

Close-up of President Donald Trump outside the White House

President Donald Trump is still feuding with CNN.

For some reason, Trump seems to believe the entire network is against him, and he took to Twitter to call them out about it.

His tweet directly attacked CNN chief executive Jeff Zucker, however, he referred to him as “Little” and misspelled his last name as “Zuker.”  While there is no clear explanation for the moniker he added, Trump has an affinity for coming up with bizarre nicknames for all of his foes and debuting them in his Twitter rants.

In addition to claiming the network’s ratings are down, the president asserted that in order to get a job with CNN, you must be anti-Trump, which is, presumably, false because he offered no proof to support that wild accusation.

He then urged the network executives to “clean up and strengthen CNN and get back to honest reporting.” It should be noted, however, that Trump is not the ideal person to be giving advice about honesty.

It’s unclear why Trump started off his Tuesday morning with an attack on CNN, but Deadline suggested that it may have been related to his latest campaign manager proposing to pull the credentials of CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta.

The recommendation came after Acosta asked the president about declaring the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program dead Monday morning via Twitter.

Trump tweeted about DACA that same morning, but then the White House decided not to hold a press briefing, prompting Acosta to probe for further information.

Regardless of Trump’s motives, or lack thereof, for blasting the network, CNN swiftly clapped back from its official communications Twitter account, and individual staff members defended themselves using their personal profiles.

The real issue is that Trump should not be peddling unfounded conspiracy theories on the internet. His tendency to frivolously throw out unproven statements to the public is incredibly dangerous because there are many people who take his every word as fact simply because of his position and authority.

Furthermore, as the president of the United States, he should have better, more important things to do with his time than engage in petulant, trivial social media arguments. Who is running the country while he is running his Twitter fingers? 

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