Trump Demands NBC, 'Sleepy Eyes' Todd Stop Investigating Russia Story

In yet another personal attack on a journalist, Trump demands NBC focus on his baseless accusations against Obama.

This weekend, it was NBC’s turn to face the wrath of President Donald Trump.

The POTUS is angry because instead of investigating his unsubstantiated claims that Barack Obama wiretapped his phone, NBC is more interested in the idea of a foreign government directly meddling in the bedrock of American democracy, the presidential election.

Trump went on the attack about NBC's focus on the "fake" story (one that the Senate Intelligence Committee, House Intelligence Committee and the FBI are currently probing as well).



Trump’s wiretapping accusations against Obama, on the other hand, are more like a string of words in a futile search for a point. Not a shred of evidence has been produced, and Obama could not care less. This has only added to Trump’s frustration.

Trump led a Twitter attack against NBC and "sleepy eyes" host Chuck Todd (because Trump is a playground bully and name-calling is cool) for not letting go of the Trump/Russia story.

Of course, Todd replied:

The news anchor had also talked to top Washington lawyer Abbe Lowell and former Obama press secretary Josh Earnest about the developments in Trump’s Russia links.

While Trump has not flinched from his position, the White House maintains that Trump’s remarks were aimed at the broader practice of surveillance.

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