Delusional Trump Thinks Many UK Protesters Favored Him –They Did Not

“There are many, many protests in my favor,” said President Donald Trump while talking to British journalist, Piers Morgan.



President Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom was met with widespread protests in the midst of a giant “Trump Baby” balloon flying over London. Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Greater London Authority approved the flight of the balloon, which depicts the United States president as an angry baby wearing a diaper. 

Yet, Trump believes he had “many, many supporters”

While, it is true that a few pro-Trump people were out on the streets, the more than 250,000 anti-Trump protesters on the streets of the London and other U.K. cities made one thing very clear: Trump and his policies were not welcomed in their country. 

In an interview with British journalist, Piers Morgan, the delusional president claimed, “Some of them are protesting in my favor, you know that?  There are many, many protests in my favor.” 

 “Hmmm. I must have missed those,” Morgan, who was naturally baffled with these claims, wrote in his article for Daily Mail.



The veteran TV show host further explained to POTUS how his anti-immigration policies were being slammed, to which Trump had the most useless answer.

“That wasn’t my policy,” said Trump. “Obama had the same exact policy. In fact, they were showing pictures of kids separated from their parents and they say, isn’t this terrible. And it was pictures of 2014.”

His comparison is misleading. Obama administration placed unaccompanied minors in closed housing units until they could be transferred to family in the United States while they awaited court proceedings. But Trump’s inhumane zero-tolerance policy separated innocent children from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

In the interview, Trump also talked about his “easy talk” with Queen Elizabeth II, whom he’d met at Windsor Castle. The president naturally did not share details on how he broke protocol twice within moments of meeting the Queen at his first official trip to Britain. Trump was spotted walking in front of Queen Elizabeth II while they inspected a guard of honor of the Coldstream Guards. 

The Queen was placed in an awkward position to determine which side of Trump to go on while she sped up to walk beside him, rather than behind him.

Trump also said he advised British Prime Minister Theresa May on how to gain an advantage over the European Union in the Brexit negotiations. But, later May revealed that Trump suggest Britain “sue the EU” and “not go into negotiations.” 

However, all these claims and revelations don’t come as a surprise, provided Trump’s history of lying. Being untruthful is something this president is accustomed to doing far too often when he’s caught in an embarrassing moment.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Andrew Yates

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