Trump Should Consider Gun Control, Not Feds, To Fix Chicago ‘Carnage’

If he really wants to quell the ongoing deadly violence in Chicago, President Donald Trump might want to consider federal gun control.


So far, Chicago has seen at least 38 homicides and 182 shootings in 2017, according to the police. Last year, the city witnessed 550 shootings and 762 murders, setting the record for most shootings and homicides in more than two decades.

For the first time since taking office, President Donald Trump addressed the ongoing violence in the Windy City by sharing deadly stats and threatening to send in “the feds” if Chicago fails to fix the situation.



What kind of federal intervention Trump is thinking about is anyone’s guess — in fact, there is a good chance even his advisers found out about the seemingly ominous warning after it popped up on their Twitter feed.

Apparently, many people believe the former reality TV star suggested government interference after Fox News host and Trump cheerleader, Bill O’Reilly, discussed the issue on his show and wondered aloud if the president would “step in and override local authorities?”


The image of Donald Trump sitting on a gold couch, lazily browsing through TV channels and suddenly having an "aha!" moment is both unpleasant and more than a little concerning.

Not to mention, Trump’s threat to fight violence with violence is the last thing Chicago needs right now.

Gun Control

If the billionaire mogul, who has no military or political experience to run the office he now holds, really wants to quell the ongoing disturbances in the city, he might want to consider federal gun control measures — something he has opposed all throughout his contentious presidential campaign.

As researchers have repeatedly claimed, more guns leads to an increase in gun violence. Stricter gun control laws affect number of homicides, brings down suicide rate, domestic abuse and even violence against police.

Even though Chicago has comparatively strict gun laws that require a firearm owner identification card, documentation for all firearm sales, background checks and a three-day waiting period, people are still free to bring guns in from Indiana — the neighboring state where buying guns is much easier than it is in Illinois.

In 2014, a Chicago Police Department report claimed of the 60 percent firearms recovered from crime scenes between 2009 and 2013 that came from outside the state, about 19 percent came from Indiana, which happens to be the state of Vice President Mike Pence.

However, gun control is not the only solution to the “carnage.” Poverty and unemployment are also two of the most important contributors of violence.

“Over the years the federal government's stepped back their resources, which we have stepped up,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told WTTV, adding he wants tougher sentences for repeat offenders. “The federal government can be a partner, and to be honest they haven't been for decades.”

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