Crop Circle With Expletive-Laced Message Awaits Trump In Britain

The crop circle, which was produced on a countryside farm, includes two words, one in Russian and one in English, that collectively read, "F*** Trump."

President Donald Trump isn’t just disliked in London — people outside of the city, and even in the countryside, have big problems with him, too.

Case in point: A large crop circle, constructed on a farm just outside of Stoke Mandeville, could grab the president’s attention as he flies overhead in a helicopter to Chequers to meet with Prime Minister Theresa May.

The crop circle is not likely to make Trump smile. It contains just two words, the first one in Russian and the second one reading Trump’s name in English. Put together, the circle says, “F*** Trump.” 

The circle is 650 feet wide, making it very visible from the sky. It took more than 14 hours to complete.

This isn’t the only large-scale protest art that was meant to meet the president upon his arrival to the United Kingdom this week. A large balloon, shaped like Trump as a baby wearing a diaper, is also set to fly high above London on Friday.

Trump, however, will probably miss the balloon that depicts his likeness — he isn’t scheduled to be in London during any of the major-scale protests that are set to take place there. The crop circle, on the other hand, is fairly unavoidable.

If the chopper does decide to avoid the crop circle, it would be very telling of how fragile the president’s ego really is.

Part of living in a democracy, and indeed being a leader within it, means having to deal with strong criticisms and protestations from those who oppose your opinions. Trump has demonstrated he wants to avoid situations in which he might be confronted with others who disagree with him — although he’s apparently more willing to send his wife into the foray instead.

These protests should further encourage Americans to let Trump know he isn’t welcome in the White House either. His presidency, which he won without a popular vote victory, is inherently anti-democratic, as are many of his policies and beliefs. Hopefully Americans will remedy that problem in this year’s midterms and in two years’ time during the next presidential election.

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