Trump Threatens Pulling ICE From California Over Sanctuary Cities

President Donald Trump said California's decision to embrace immigrants is a "disgrace," so he's considering pulling ICE out of The Golden State.

Trump looks on in front of an American flag.

For once, we can admit that one of President Donald Trump’s ideas isn’t actually so bad.

In a meeting about school safety on Thursday, the president said that he wants to pull Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents from The Golden State, The Hill reports.

Calling the state’s preference for embracing sanctuary policies a “disgrace,” Trump claimed that California is not willing to cooperate with federal law enforcement. Therefore, he might not push ICE to continue cracking down on undocumented immigration.

He maintained that if ICE agents truly left, “you would have a crime mess like you've never seen in California.” He added that in no time, the state would “be begging for us to come back, they would be begging.”

ICE critics say that agents are cracking down and targeting immigrants who aren’t criminals. But the federal agency never seems to be bothered by the accusations as they continue to deport honest and hardworking immigrants.

In January, ICE Director Thomas Homan said that California should “hold on tight” as the they are expected to hold more operations across the state. But according to Fox News, he also said on Wednesday that the agency doesn’t conduct raids. Instead, they only carry “targeted enforcement operations.”

"We don't go into neighborhoods, knock on a bunch of doors looking for people different than us. Every person we arrest, we know exactly who we're going to arrest. We know exactly where we're going to arrest them," he said.

Despite these claims, border security agents were recently seen walking into buses and asking passengers for proof of citizenship.

Perhaps if Trump were to keep his word this time around and finally told ICE to leave California for good, there wouldn't be so many heartbreaking stories about fathers leaving their jobs, their businesses, and their entire families behind in California because of a harmless traffic ticket.

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