Trump Edits Washington Post Headline To Praise Recent Trade Moves

President Donald Trump's alterations to a headline seemed to humor journalists at well-established outlets, with one referring to him as "copy-editor-in-chief."

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

President Donald Trump voiced his discontent with The Washington Post on Thursday morning by changing the headline of an article to praise his recent trade policies.

Trump’s tweet, which also levied the unsubstantiated claim that the newspaper was a lobbyist for Amazon, was his fifth attack on Amazon in a week.

The president has recently directed his attention toward the online retailer’s prominence, lobbing false criticisms at the company about its taxes and use of United States Postal Service, among other complaints.  

His alterations to the headline seemed to humor journalists at well-established outlets.

Mother Jones reporter Inae Oh, who wrote a short piece on Trump’s latest complaint about the Post’s reporting, invited Trump to view his outlet’s Slack channel.

"While the president has attempted to couch his attacks on Amazon with the false claim that the company takes advantage of the US Postal Service, it’s clear that Trump’s anger lies with the paper.

On Thursday, Trump made that even more apparent. He also may have inadvertently revealed another reason behind his latest revenge obsession: his private ambitions to become a newspaper editor.

If true, Mother Jones invites the president to our robust Slack headline channel, where editors would be happy to workshop the far-too-wordy nonsensical headline proposed above."

China has signaled confidence in its ability to win a trade war. A Washington Post analysis found that China’s retaliatory tariffs on items, including agricultural products, will significantly affect Trump voters.

The president’s Twitter messaging might temporarily maintain the support of his constituents, but if their economic stability starts crumbling, they won’t back him forever.

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