Trump Goes On Mad Twitter Rant Right After Landing On US Soil

Trump just tweeted about a whole lot of random stuff in Twitter rant, including how “angry” Theresa May was with him and how angry he was at the “fake news” media.

Free from his trip to the Middle East, Brussels and Italy, President Donald Trump is back to his favorite pastime: taking to Twitter to screech about any perceived injustices done to him.

His very first tweet was about the “success” about his overall overseas venture — quite a big statement considering the fact that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is openly talking about the futility of Europe relying on the United States while Trump remains in office.


Trump also congratulated the U.S. representative-elect for Montana's at-large congressional district, Greg Gianforte, over his victory in the special election, but sounded off about his news coverage.



The president bashed the media for not adequately covering the win, yet, made no mention of the fact that the Gianforte, just a day before the elections, body-slammed a reporter and was charged with misdemeanor assault for it.

Trump also explained how the British Prime Minister Theresa May was “angry” at him for leaked information about the Manchester attack investigation.


May raised concerns with Trump at the NATO summit in Brussels explaining to him that intelligence shared between the two countries must remain confidential until such time as both parties see fit to release it. However, it seems Trump is even determined to alienate the U.S.’s closest ally.

Of course, the president did not end his rant without a few words for the “fake news” media as well and without pointing to any specific reports, said that much of the “leaks” coming from the White House were simply not true.



The comments came after news organizations reported that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, proposed a secret back channel between Trump’s transition team and Russia during a December meeting with Sergey Kislyak, the Kremlin’s ambassador to the United States.

The president also criticized the media’s use of anonymous sources which he claimed do not even exist.

"#FakeNews is the enemy!" he said.



The POTUS also suggested the federal government spend more money to improve the health care system. However, he did not say how he would pay for it and considering the trillions in budget cut, it’s anybody’s guess how he would make it become a reality.


Trump also made a false claim about the “massive tax cuts/reform,” stating it was “well ahead” of schedule. But previously, Trump promised that the policy would come within his first 100 days in the White House. It is now 130 days into his term, which means the tax proposal is actually a whole month behind the promised schedule.


Understandably, netizens found his bombardment of tweets hilarious, which led Trump to another one of his tantrums.


However, the internet is not backing down.












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