Trump Tweets About New York Times ‘Apology’ That Never Happened

President Donald Trump tweeted about a so-called apology the New York Times issued to its readers for inaccurate election coverage, but no such apology exists.

Honesty is not President Donald Trump’s strong suit.

This is a fact that has been proven on multiple occasions, and yet again on Wednesday morning when the president falsely tweeted that the New York Times “apologized” for inaccurate reporting following the election.

It took no time for the Twitterverse to clap back and denounce Trump’s blasphemous lie.

Trump’s claim was based on a mischaracterization of a November letter from the New York Times to its readers which included no such “apology," but rather reflected upon the shocking, unexpected outcome of the election that even they didn’t see coming.

Nevertheless, they vowed to “bring the same fairness, the same level of scrutiny, the same independence to [their] coverage of the new president and his team” that the publication is revered for.

Additionally, Trump insulted the newspaper by referring to it as “failing,” but as Deputy Managing Editor Clifford Levy pointed out, the president went to the New York Times for an interview and — on the record — called the publication “a world jewel.”

It is incredibly ironic and baffling that the man who cries “fake news” any chance he gets and lambastes mass media for being “dishonest” is guilty of the same.  

It’s almost laughable that he, of all people, has the audacity to criticize and accuse trusted, credible sources while simultaneously spreading false and misleading information.

What a great example you are setting, Mr. President.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Carlos Barria

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