Trump’s Tweets About Attack On Syria Highlight His Hypocrisy

In 2013, Trump vehemently bashed Obama for hinting about the military actions of the U.S. against Syria. In fact, he was never in favor of the attack.



President Donald Trump has reiterated time and again, how “smart” he is. He previously boasted about how he used his intelligence to maintain a diplomatic relationship with Russia— which has since gone downhill— but, most importantly, the president has always been the one to remind the public how he never announced his military plans.

However, contradictory to his previous comments, Trump just gave Russia and Iran a heads up that he will fire missiles at Syria after the alleged chemical attack by Syrian despot Bashar Al-Assad.


The tweet surprised many; as Trump has repeatedly said that unlike former President Barack Obama, he doesn’t advertise his military actions.

“One of the things I think you’ve noticed about me is: Militarily, I don’t like to say where I’m going and what I’m doing. I’m not saying I’m doing anything one way or the other,” Trump said few months into his presidency.

However, now people are going back to his repeated condemnation of Obama administration’s decision to not take their “opponents by surprise.”

Back in 2013, when Trump was a businessman, with a weakness for tweeting out his thoughts, he vehemently bashed Obama for hinting about the military course of the U.S. against Syria, as compiled by Think Progress in their piece.



That wasn’t all; tweets show Trump was never even in the favor of attacking Syria because he thought the attack could lead to “MANY VERY BAD THINGS.” He also thought the U.S. gained nothing from the fight.





In 2013, he also predicted Obama’s decision to intervene in the Syrian issue could lead to a war with Russia that may turn into a “worldwide conflict,” a conflict that is still a looming threat even though Trump has been president for over a year.


Trump also bashed Bush administration employees for leading the U.S into the Iraq war and called for their removal in all decisions taken on the Syrian war. Ironically, the man who allegedly played a huge part in the Bush-era war on Iraq, John Bolton, now sits at the White House as Trump’s national security adviser.


Almost five years later, the tweets have come back to haunt the president as he openly told the world he will attack the Assad regime, including direct threats to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iran.

Twitter users showed no mercy and called the president out for his hypocrisy.






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