Trump’s Attempt To Frame Chuck Schumer Did Not Work Out So Well

Trump tweets out photo of Chuck Schumer having doughnuts with Vladimir Putin, suggests the Democrat should be investigated for his links to Russia.

President Donald Trump does not like to be belittled.

Therefore, when the Democrats began demanding investigation into his administration’s controversial ties to Russia, the commander-in-chief decided to even the score in his own petulant and childish way.

The business mogul, who has come under scrutiny for his apparent fondness of Russian President Vladimir Putin, attempted to call out Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) by tweeting out a very public photo of him having doughnuts with Putin, demanding a probe in to the matter.

The photo was taken over ten years ago.

Turns out, the president posted the image after it started making rounds on Reddit before appearing on right-wing conspiracy theory websites, like Infowars and Gateway Pundit.

Still not able to break his habit of citing shady sources, Trump decided to share, what he thought was an incriminating picture, without bothering to know the context.

However, his sloppy attempt to frame the Democrat fell flat.

Shortly after the image went viral, Schumer’s office not only confirmed the image but also gave some background. The photo was apparently taken when Putin visited New York City in 2003 to attend the opening ceremony of Lukoil gas station.

The senator also tweeted out a response, highlighting how absurd it was to compare him with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

For those unaware, during his senate confirmation hearing, Sessions told Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), he did not have any communications with the Russians during Trump’s presidential campaign run.

He was under oath the time and he lied.

A recent report revealed he did have contact with Russian ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak in July and September 2016, but apparently, did not consider it important enough to disclose to the Judiciary Committee.

Schumer, in the meantime, seems to be having fun with Trump’s desperate attempt at framing him. In fact, he even took to Twitter to inform inquisitive viewers about the doughnuts he ate with Putin during his visit.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders reportedly slammed the Schumer-Putin meeting and asked why he was not being investigated, citing the attention paid to Sessions.

Matt House, the senator’s spokesman, did not respond to Sanders’ comments. Instead, he stated the problem did not lie with anyone meeting foreign ambassadors or officials.

“The problem is that Sessions lied to the (Senate) Judiciary Committee about it, and is in charge of the investigation into contacts between the two sides, to which Sessions has ties,” he said in an email.

Meanwhile, Twitter is having a field day under the hashtags #Donutgate and #KrispyKremlin.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Jussi Nukari 

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