After Charlottesville, Trump Posts A Storm Of Controversial Tweets

President Donald Trump is back to sparring with CNN, calling them "fake news" yet again and tweeting a vicious cartoon of the "Trump train" running over a reporter.

Just a day after President Donald Trump finally condemned white supremacy in the United States, he snapped back to tweeting content that demonstrates where he really stands on the issue.

On Tuesday morning, he tweeted a cartoon of the "Trump train" hitting a reporter with the CNN logo for a head, reminiscent of an earlier controversy involving an imagined wrestling match between the president and the news organization. Even more disturbing, the image paralleled the death of Heather Heyer, the young woman mowed down by a white nationalist on Saturday.

Either the president or someone in his camp had second thoughts about the tweet though because it was deleted only 30 minutes later. However, it was more than enough time for the world to gauge Trump's sentiments loud and clear, sentiments that were really nothing new, just ever more troubling given the escalating context.

In addition to his attack on CNN, Trump retweeted a "Fox & Friends" tweet referencing his announcement that he is "seriously considering" pardoning "America's most racist sheriff," Joe Arpaio. He also retweeted alt-right idealogue Jack Posobiec, who gained notoriety for peddling the Pizzagate and Seth Rich conspiracy theories targeting Hillary Clinton.

Furthermore, on Monday when CNN reporter Jim Acosta asked Trump why he had taken so long to condemn the white supremacist and neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville in explicit terms, the president resorted to an old method of defense, as shown in the clip above.

"I like real news, not fake news,” he fired back. Trump then pointed to Acosta and added: “You are fake news.”

Current tensions have not revealed anything opponents to Trump did not already know, but they have put a magnifying glass to the problem. His reticence in denouncing the growing white nationalist movement in America has not gone unnoticed by racists, and there are those who view it as tantamount to endorsement of their ideologies — his recent Twitter storm is likely to do the same.

Over the past few days, Trump has shown that he is a liability to improving racial equality in the United States, something the media has been quick to highlight. When it comes to racism in America, the truth is rarely pleasant, and if Trump can't digest his own role in exacerbating the problem, it's one more reason he shouldn't be president.

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