Trump Reportedly Used Charity Money To Buy A $12,000 Tim Tebow Helmet

Donald Trump used charity money donated to his foundation to pay for a $12,000 Tim Tebow-signed helmet at a charity fundraiser event.

Donald Trump is under attack after allegedly using other people's money to buy himself a Denver Broncos memorabilia item. 

Four years ago, Trump won a Tim Tebow-signed helmet at a charity auction hosted by the breast cancer research non-profit organization, Susan G. Komen, according to the Washington Post.

The $12,000 helmet was paid for courtesy of other people, not by Donald Trump himself.

Anonymous donors gave money to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which largely collects the majority of their funds from other people, excluding Trump.

Trump is being questioned by tax officials, regarding whether or not he violated the IRS’s rules against “self-dealing”—which prevents non-profit leaders, such as Trump, from using the money donated to their charity for themselves.

The Trump Foundation’s tax return marked “no” for self-dealing in 2012.

If in the near future, the IRS claims the foundation’s marking as false, there could be serious trouble on the horizon.

Brett Kappel, a tax-exempt expert, commented on Trump’s shady financial behavior.

“That would be a classic violation of the prohibition on a charity being operated for the private inurement (benefit) of the charity’s creator.”

It’s baffling that a billionaire mogul running for President of the United States would feel the need to use other people’s money for his own personal purchases, when he clearly makes enough money to afford a $12,000 NFL helmet. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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