Trump Uses Death Of Dwyane Wade’s Cousin To Pander To Black Voters

Even as Dwyane Wade and his family grieved, Trump only cared for the votes he could get out of this tragedy.

UPDATE: Donald Trump has taken things entirely too far as he tries to build a relationship with minorities in poorly executed efforts to boost his popularity among them.

Many have resorted to ignoring his antics as Americans have grown to expect the worst from him, but when he insensitively and selfishly tried to use the tragic death of NBA star Dwyane Wade's cousin as a means to garner black votes, he struck a nerve and is now feeling the wrath of the black community.

Adding insult to injury, he didn't even spell Wade's name correctly in his initial tweet. 

Award-winning actor Don Cheadle is one who couldn't hold back his utter disgust for Trump's heartless stunt.

Cheadle tweeted responses to Trump in which he called him a "POS" — an acronym for piece of s**t — and suggested that the GOP presidential candidate "die in a grease fire." 

But Cheadle wasn't the only one who was compelled to speak out against Trump's crassness. 

Trump has since posted a more appropriate tweet, offering his condolences to Wade's family, but the damage has already been done. There is absolutely no redemption for this. He can kiss the dream of ever gaining the black vote goodbye.   

Donald Trump will do anything to get "95 percent of the black vote" he promised — and if this means doing the virtual equivalent of jumping into the face of grieving people mourning the loss of their loved ones, so be it.

Mourning the death of his relative, Chicago basketball player Dwyane Wade sent out a tweet for his cousin Nykea Aldridge who had fallen prey to a stray bullet between two warring factions in Chicago.



Replying to Dwyane Wade, Trump shouted (in caps lock) that "African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP."



32-year-old Nykea Aldridge was pushing her baby in a stroller in the 300 block of South Calumet Avenue about 3:30 p.m. Two men nearby exchanged gunfire nearby, striking Aldridge in the head and arm. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital; her daughter was not hurt.

Unfortunately, gun violence isn't new to Wade's family. In 2012, Wade’s nephew Darin Johnson was shot twice in the leg. He survived.

Not many on Twitter were fooled by Trump's thinly veiled, abhorrent attempt at campaigning using Aldridge's tragic death. Reaction on Twitter was immediate and merciless. 






Trump tried damage control, but much like the rest of his campaign, this was too late.



Trump, who has so far refused all invitations to speak to black groups, has nevertheless accelerated his efforts to pander to black voters. In his rallies, he has not so subtly made the point that the entire African-American community is impoverished and has "nothing to lose" if Trump is voted into power. Even in these rallies, the people applauding Trump’s alleged outreach to minority communities are largely white.

And this is why the new facet to Trump’s campaign is problematic. As journalist Charles Blow so elegantly put in during a recent CNN segment, Trump is not addressing black voters.

"He's not talking to us," Blow alluded to the black community. "He's pretending to talk to us as he talks to you. And this is an insult to all people of color, black, Hispanic and otherwise, because he is using us as pawns to get to you."

During the same speech where he lumped all Africans in one offensive binary, Trump also accused Hillary Clinton of treating African-American as just "votes." With his recent gaffes, it's clear that he's no different.

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