Trump Voter Admits POTUS Is Only Good For Entertainment

One year after Trump’s election, some Florida voters still vouch for the president. But at least one of them thinks he’s just good entertainment.

It has been a year since Donald Trump was elected the president of the United States. A lot has changed since then and many of the voters who backed the president then have a completely different opinion of him now.

Last year an MSNBC host visited Florida, a key swing state that helped Trump's victory. The billionaire real estate mogul won 58 of Florida’s 67 counties. One year down the line, MSNBC host Jacob Soboroff interviewed some voters in Mayport, home to one of the largest Naval bases in the country. Soboroff interviewed these people earlier before the elections as well.

Most of the Trump voters were still in his favor. “As a businessman and someone who is regulated heavily, I wanted that off my back,” said restaurant owner and Trump voter Chris Wooten.

Some of the employees inside Wooten’s restaurant also supported Trump, even after a year.

“How do you think things are around since Donald Trump became president? Same? Worse? Better?” Soboroff asked Maddy Russell.

“Definitely more patriotism and definitely better,” she replied.

But just as the host was about to leave, one of Wooten’s suppliers, Randy Thomson, pulled up to the dock and said exactly what he thought of Trump.

The host asked Thomson if he had voted for Trump last year. His response was positive.

“How have things changed since then?” asked Soboroff.

“Good entertainment on the news,” Thompson laughed, causing the host to ask, “That stuff doesn’t bother you, the feuds and all that?”

“No, I don’t think it bothers the working man because it’s just — it’s media,” he responded.

Pointing toward a cargo ship in the harbor loaded with containers, Soboroff asked, “Do you get the sense that the president is making sure that these containers that come in from Asia go back with American products in them?”

“I don’t know if he has that much pull, really,” said Thompson about the president.

The faint praise from Thomson mirrors the rest of the country. Trump’s latest approval rating is 42 percent, making him the least popular president in modern history.

Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Aaron Favila

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