Trump Voters Admit Regret After Their Friend Gets Deported

Following the deportation of an undocumented restaurant owner in Indiana, his friends and his wife admit they were duped by President Donald Trump.

Friends and family of Roberto Beristain — who was deported last month — appeared on Sunday night’s episode of CBS’s “60 Minutes” during which they admitted they’ve come to regret voting for President Donald Trump.

Beristain was an undocumented immigrant living in Granger, Indiana, working as a cook at Eddie’s Steak Shed for several years until he was able to buy the restaurant and become the owner, Alternet reports.

“I mean, he showed up here with just the shirt on his back and he’s a restaurant owner 20 years later ... and he worked his butt off to get there,” said Beristain’s friend, Matt Leliaert

However, despite being a hardworking business owner and law-abiding community member, he was deported back to Mexico under Trump’s new immigration orders.

Beristain’s wife and friends admitted they all voted for Trump and were well aware of his immigration stance, but they didn’t expect Beristain to be one of the people booted out of the country.

Beristain arrived in the United States back in 1998, nearly 20 years ago. During that time, he never became a citizen, but after receiving a “final order of removal,” he applied for a stay of the order and regularly checked in with the government. It was at one of these annual check-ins that he was detained and subsequently deported.

“It just feels wrong,” Beristain’s friend, Kimberly Glowacki, told Anderson Cooper.

“I voted for [Trump] because he said he was going to get rid of the bad hombres,” said Dave Keck to Cooper. “Roberto is a good hombre.”

According to CBS News, Beristain’s three children are struggling with their father’s situation.

“He makes this home a home,” said his 14-year-old daughter, Jasmine. “And he makes a family a family 'cause he's, you know, the father. And when he's gone, when you take that away from a family, it's like it's all going down. Like, for my mom it's very hard. And for us it's hard, too."

The fact that Beristain was an upstanding guy who was following the rules and still managed to be deported doesn’t sit well with those who know him.

“Most of you voted for Donald Trump,” Cooper said to Beristain’s friends. “He said he was gonna do this, he's done this. Why are you surprised?"

“Because this is not the person he said he would deport,” Michelle Craig replied.

One of the most controversial issues with Trump’s mass deportations, which have been heavily criticized, is the fact that non-criminals are being targeted, which is ripping apart families and deterring undocumented immigrants from seeking citizenship for fear they will show up to an immigration office and be detained on the spot.

What has to be the most devastating part of Beristain’s circumstance is that his own wife and friends inadvertently had a hand in his fate by casting their votes for Trump, who lied his way to the presidency

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