Over Half Of Voters Think Trump Is 'Tearing The Country Apart'

In two recent polling efforts, researchers found that President Donald Trump supporters are increasingly disappointed at their candidate's performance.

Trump yells at people while standing on a chair.

In two recent polling efforts carried out by different organizations, President Donald Trump supporters expressed utter disappointment, sending out a signal to the president that not even his most dedicated voters feel he's doing a good job.

According to The Los Angeles Times, an Emory University focus group carried out by pollster Peter D. Hart did not go well for Trump.

Out of the five voters who supported Trump during the campaign, none said they approved of the job the president is doing.

According to the most recent Fox News Poll, the results aren't too different.

Since April, pollsters learned, the number of voters who are happy with the president's performance fell 10 percentage points, standing now at just 35 percent. Results also show that dissatisfaction with the current administration increased by 11 percentage points, pushing it to 64 percent.

The president's approval rating even dropped to a historic new low with 41 percent approving of his job performance compared to 55 percent disapproving.

Fox News reported that 56 percent of respondents believe the president is “tearing the country apart.”

During the focus group, Trump supporters who expressed disappointment called the president “outrageous” and even “not ready” to take on the job.

“He has got to be his own worst enemy,” Pittsburgh resident Tony Sciullo said, describing his candidate as an “abject disappointment.”

Sciullo also added that he sometimes wishes Trump was a Democrat, as he's doing so much damage to the conservative brand.

Registered Republican Brian Rush said that while he won't judge the president now, Trump's administration is like a new car with several dents and that isn't “running the way it should.” Unfortunately, he continued, the mechanics “don't know exactly why.”

Another recent poll conducted by Pew Research Center shows that one in every five Republicans claim they don't like how Trump “conducts himself as president,” while half of respondents said their feelings were mixed. Nearly a third said they agreed with Trump on only a few or no issues.

As you can see, this is a new low for a president who's only seen low polling numbers from the get go. Is he going to continue to blame this on the “lying media” or will he actually start listening this time around?

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