Trump’s Voters Will Be Hurt The Most By Changes To Obamacare

The health care provision that Trump ended benefited 4 million Trump voters in 30 states.

President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind one of the Affordable Care Act’s provision will probably not sit well with millions of his voters.

The White House announced last week it was ending subsidies that were provided by federal government to help provide low-cost medical insurance to working-class Americans.

Almost 70 percent of people affected by Trump’s health care executive, that ended Obama-era cost-sharing reduction subsidies, live in states that won him the presidency.

According to research cited by AP by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the provision benefited six million Americans, out of which four million live in 30 states Trump won.

The move has concerned some Republicans who think the GOP party will take the fall for Trump’s action.

“I think the president is ill-advised to take this course of action, because we, at the end of the day, will own this,” Republican Congressman Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania said on CNN. “We, the Republican Party, will own this.”

Check out the video above to see how it will impact the American public.

Banner/Thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mike Blake

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