Trump Thinks He Deserves Credit For Sparking Inter-Korean Talks

“Does anybody really believe that talks… would be going on between North and South Korea… if I wasn’t firm, strong and willing to commit our total ‘might.’”

The ice is finally breaking between North and South Korea and President Donald Trump has wasted no time in ensuring he gets acknowledged for the efforts he has put in for uniting the two Koreas.

Trump asked his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in to publicly praise him for the recent inter-Korea talks, The Washington Post reports.

North and South Korea are gradually moving toward a more friendly relationship, or at least one where they speak at all. It all began when Kim Jong-un of North Korea took a key step in resuming the diplomatic talks by announcing the re-opening of a phone line — seen as a hotline in South Korea — after two years at the border of Panmunjon village.

It was also announced that a team, including officials, athletes, cheerleaders and journalists from North Korea will take part in the Winter Olympics next month in Pyeongchang, South Korea, which supposedly helped to reduce the bitter animosity a little more. The two Koreas agreed to work in co-operation for enhancing the prestige of the Korean people.

Last year in September, President Trump used the platform of United Nations, threatening to “totally destroy” North Korea. The tension between Washington and Pyongyang soared last summer when the latter tested a fresh round of ballistic missiles. The U.S. successfully imposed sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear missile program. POTUS has made it clear through his tweets that diplomatic talks with Pyonyang are a “waste of time.”

However just days after North Korea gave the green signal for negotiations with the South, Trump called the South Korean president Moon and demanded he be given credit for the newly-opened talks.

“During a Jan. 4 phone call, in which the South Korean leader briefed the American president on the plans for talks with North Korea, Trump asked Moon to publicly give him the credit for creating the environment for the talks, according to people familiar with the conversation,” The Washington Post reported.

Trump as usual took no time to tweet about “strong” commitment that apparently led the North Korean leader to take the route of diplomatic talks.


A couple of days before asking to be given the credit, Trump was seen boasting about the size of his nuclear button which according to him is “much bigger and powerful” than Kim’s.

Trump is quite fortunate as he mostly gets what he asks for. A week later, the South Korean leader told reporters that Trump “did a lot” to help the talks during a press conference. Moon, showing his gratitude, said the U.S. president deserved “big credit” for the inter-Korean talks. “It could be a resulting work of the U.S.-led sanctions and pressure," he said.

The move was not well taken by the North Korean government and the media slammed the president for his praise to Trump. The state-run media outlet KNCA found the remarks “impolite,” "ill-boding" and "chilling the atmosphere for reconciliation."

"The present South Korean chief executive's attitude casts doubt as to his intent to improve the North-South ties and build confidence," KNCA reported.

The North Korean media is concerned that contrary to what Moon believes, Trump will only increase the possibility of war on the Koreans peninsula.

Thumbnail/Banner : Reuters, Kim Hong-Ji

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