Trump Warns Pastors To Vote For Republicans Or Face The Consequences

“Maybe it’s why you are very plateaud. I hate to say it, if you were a stock, you’d be like, you’re very plateaued,” said the president.


President Donald Trump reportedly instructed evangelist pastors to vote for the Republicans in the midterm elections or face consequences.

A secret recording obtained by the New York Times from the White House’s State Dining Room depicts Trump allegedly giving a warning to a group of 100 pastors to make sure their congregations vote for GOP candidates in the November elections — because if they don’t they will be “one election away from losing everything you’ve got.”

“I just ask you to go out and make sure all of your people vote,” Trump told the evangelicals at the state dinner. “Because if they don’t — it’s Nov. 6 — if they don’t vote we’re going to have a miserable two years and we’re going to have, frankly, a very hard period of time because then it just gets to be one election — you’re one election away from losing everything you’ve got.”

POTUS also mentioned if the Republicans lose, the liberals will ruin everything. “They will end everything immediately,” he said. “When you look at antifa, and you look at some of these groups, these are violent people,” he added.

Antifa is a left-wing anti-fascist protest group.

According to the report, Trump touted about “getting rid of” the Johnson Amendment for most of the part of his speech at the dinner. The amendment is a 1954 tax law that prohibits religious organizations and other 501(c)3 tax-exempt groups from endorsing or opposing political candidates.

In 2017, Trump signed an executive order to apparently ease the restrictions of the amendments enabling religious leaders to “speak their minds” freely. But that did not happen as Trump directed the Internal Revenue Service not to aggressively pursue cases in which a church endorses a political candidate or makes a political donation.

"Maybe it’s why you are very plateaued. I hate to say it, if you were a stock, you’d be like, you’re very plateaued,” the president said. “I really believe you’re plateaued because you can’t speak. They really have silenced you. But now you’re not silenced anymore.”

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Kevin Lamarque

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