Trump Went To Texas And Didn’t Visit A Single Hurricane Harvey Victim

President Donald Trump went to Austin and Corpus Christi to offer support to Hurricane Harvey victims, yet he didn't actually meet with any storm survivors.

President Donald Trump made a visit to Texas on Tuesday for a briefing on Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and to show support to the many residents affected by the storm.

However, according to Newsweek, these efforts fell flat as he didn’t meet with one single storm victim during his trip.

He addressed a crowd of Texas supporters outside of a firehouse in Corpus Christi, but even while speaking to them, he shifted attention away from the storm to brag about how big the crowd of spectators was.

Trump has since received criticism for making the trip more about himself than the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The scrutiny continued with comparisons of former presidents who each made a point to comfort victims of a natural disaster or national tragedy that occurred during their presidencies.

Following his response to the chaos that ensued in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this month and this uninspiring Texas visit, it has become very apparent that Trump lacks empathy and fails to recognize the proper way for a president to react to a tragedy.  

This could have been a defining moment for Trump's presidency — an opportunity to at least appear compassionate and presidential. Alas, he totally dropped the ball and only made himself look coldhearted and narcissistic. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Adrees Latif

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