Trump White House Sees Record Number Of Staff Departures

More people are leaving President Donald Trump's White House than the previous five administrations, and we wonder if the trend will continue.

It would be nice to be able to praise President Donald Trump for getting something right, even if just once. Unfortunately, we get to point out to the high number of staffers leaving his White House instead.

CNN reports that Trump’s record-breaking achievement isn't really an achievement at all: When compared to the previous five White Houses, the current administration has seen a great number of people leaving in its first year, more so than other administrations.

Six of the 12 staffers in “Tier One,” or top senior positions in the White House, left during Trump’s first year. They include the chief of staff, deputy chief of staff, and press secretary positions, among others.

But as people leave, Trump won't hire people he doesn't deem loyal. This forces senior members of his staff to play more than one role, such as Mick Mulvaney, the White House budget director who’s also charged with leading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

According to a Brookings Institute analysis used by CNN as the source of these numbers, the rate of departures we’ve seen during Trump’s first year is at 34 percent, which is twice the number in President George W. Bush’s first year, and three times the number of departures during President Barack Obama’s first year.

“We have vacancies on top of vacancies,” Kathryn Dunn Tenpas, the Brookings Institution fellow behind this paper, said. “You have initial vacancies, you have people who left in the first year and now you have people who are leaving in the second year.”

On Twitter, a lot of people were angry that so many vacancies are being left unfilled.

Others said that while they wouldn’t blame those leaving for this problem, former staffers should have thought twice before joining Trump’s team to begin with.

Whether turnover rate is going to continue to increase or not, one thing is for sure: Trump’s records are nothing to be proud of.

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