Trump Is Now Building A Wall Around His Irish Golf Course

Trump fights back against climate change to save his golf resort in Ireland after getting permission to build two seawalls.

President Donald Trump couldn't be any more hypocritical than he already is. Somehow it's OK for the world to get wiped out by climate change, just as long as his businesses don't get wiped out, too. 

Despite being a staunch climate-change denier, Trump has been granted permission to build two seawalls around his golf resort in Ireland to stop water from eroding part of the course, according to Business Insider.

Local authorities in Doonbeg gave Trump International Golf Links the approval to build two long barriers made out of limestone rock along a nearby coast.

Of course, the County Clare Council's decision to let Trump make alterations has enraged environmentalists who said the construction of the walls could damage the natural resources surrounding the resort. 

If Trump follows through with this, the barriers will be placed in front of holes one, nine and 18 on the golf course, according to The Irish Independent. One wall will be 2,000 feet long, and the other will be 840 feet long, with a combined weight of 38,000 tons.

According to The New York Times, residents voiced their concerns and said that it is possible that the barriers could change tidal movement and cause water to flow into their own properties.

Environmental groups plan to appeal the decision to build the seawalls.

What’s interesting is that Trump International cited rising sea levels and extreme weather in its 2016 permit application to build the wall, according to Politico. Apparently, climate change only exists to Trump when Mother Nature is not working in favor of his businesses.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, David Moir

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