Trump: If Saudis Don't Pay For Our "Protection," US Won't Buy Oil

Is anything that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth an actual, viable policy? Because this latest statement isn't.

Donald Trump knows exactly the demographic whose vote he is banking on, and knows exactly the kind of sentiments to fan to get these votes.

His strategy is simple: Trump portrays himself as the only candidate who can "regain" America’s lost glory and establish the country’s dominance over the treacherous Muslims, drug-fueled rapist Mexicans and the puny Chinese.

In an interview with The New York Times, Trump was asked the inevitable question. For all his hatred for Muslims (the guy fantasizes about shooting Muslims with bullets dipped in pig blood and wants to "ban" Muslims Hitler-style from the U.S.), will he cut off trade ties with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“The answer is, probably, yes,” the Republican president hopeful responded.

Trump believes Saudi Arabia is not "reimbursing" the U.S. for the protection it receives. So unless, Saudi Arabia expresses unequivocal support for whatever plan the U.S. has to bring down ISIS, Trump will not buy oil from them.

Trump also claimed that Saudi Arabia would not "exist" without the U.S.

Trump championed the U.S. as the overburdened messiah to the world (and not the rash, unneeded messiah that many believe it to be). Trump pointed out that the U.S. expends loads of energy and resources to protect South Korea and Japan from North Korea and China. His genius solution? Allow both these countries to build their own nuclear programs.

China has found itself increasingly in Trump's crosshairs. He strongly advocates blocking China’s access to U.S. markets. Exactly how will he do that and what will happen if (when) Beijing retaliates? Trump hasn't troubled himself with those details.

Trump’s campaign is following a clear pattern here. Entice certain pockets of voters with promises to keep out immigrants, crush China and threaten Islamic countries.

What those voters don’t realize, and Trump probably does, is that not a single one of these policies is viable. In the event that Trump does become the president, it's pretty much a guarantee that he will retract almost all of his statements.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mike Segar

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