Trump Would Be The Oldest President In US History If He Gets Elected

Donald Trump will be the oldest president of the United States in history, if he is lucky enough to get chosen to be our leader in the November election.

Donald Trump has publicly stated to the media that Hillary Clinton’s health following her pneumonia diagnosis is an issue. Yet if he wins the election, he will be the oldest United States president, and should probably check his own health.

Trump will be 70 years old on Inauguration Day and next June, just a few months into his potential presidency, he will turn 71, Mic reports.  

Social media users have addressed on Twitter that his old age might affect his presidency if he were to be elected, and some even proposed that there should be a maximum age to run for president.  

The United States Constitution requires presidential candidates to be at lease 35 once they take office.

Ronald Reagan, at age 69, was the oldest president in history and John F. Kennedy, at 43 years old, was named the youngest U.S. president.

Even though the saying goes, "the older you get, the wiser you become," Trump seems to be going backwards, as he is becoming more unintelligent as he gets older each year. 

Banner Image Credit: Reuters

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