Trumpcare Will Likely Leave Millions Of Americans Without Health Care

President Donald Trump finally revealed his plans for American health care, amid criticism from Democrats.

President Donald Trump has been very vocal about the fact that he means to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act — former President Barack Obama’s health care initiative that covers 20 million Americans — so on Monday, Republicans released two bills that will leave millions of Americans without health care coverage.

Here are some of the main concerns regarding the American Health Care Act, aka Trumpcare:

It Would Be Costly For Older Low-Income People:

The replacement plan would make reforms to what health insurance companies can charge to enrollees and also change the coverage of their plans. In essence, these changes would be beneficial to younger and healthier Americans who want cheaper, skimpier benefit packages, but would be expensive for older, sicker Obamacare enrollees who rely on the law’s current requirements.

It Levies A Fine On People Who Have A Break In Insurance Coverage:

Unlike the Affordable Care Act, the replacement does not make it mandatory for all Americans to be covered by health insurance or pay a fee. Instead, the GOP has introduced a provision of “continuous coverage” that requires anyone who goes without insurance for more than 63 days to pay a fine of 30 percent premium surcharge for a full year.

It Would Phase Out Medicaid:

The proposed changes include huge cuts to Medicaid — the program that provides 11 million low-income Americans with health care — beginning in 2020. It will also jeopardize Medicaid by restructuring its funds, offering states a lump sum to administer Medicaid coverage instead of providing however much funds states need to cover their eligible Medicaid enrollees.

It Would Defund Planned Parenthood:

Another major provision would prevent Planned Parenthood from getting hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding. In practice, that means taking money away from low-income families who may have to go somewhere else if the government stops subsidizing their visits to the clinics or if the clinics become closed due to lack of funding. The bill will affect about 60 percent of Planned Parenthood’s 2.5 million patients.

It Will Give Huge Tax Breaks To Insurance Companies With CEOs Who Earn More Than $500,000 Per Year:

This provision can basically encourage big corporations to overpay their top executives so they can pay less in taxes.

Lottery Winners Won’t Have Access To Medicaid:

Six out of the 66 pages of the bill are dedicated to ensuring lottery winners don’t have access to Medicaid.

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