Trump-Pence Campaign Unveils New Logo Following Social Media Mockery

Donald Trump and his recently announced vice presidential running mate, Mike Pence, seem to have modified their suggestive campaign logo.


Following the social media mockery, Trump campaign has reportedly unveiled a new, modified, Trump-Pence campaign logo.

The new logo, which appears pretty much the same except for the removal of interlocking “T” and “P,” now only shows the candidates’ names with “Make American Great Again” written below.

Donald Trump not only announced a new vice presidential pick, the duo also has a fresh political logo that sparked a heated discussion on Twitter.

The official logo was released by the Republican National Convention and shows the letter T thrusting through the letter P, according to Politico.

The logo emulates the American flag in its choice of colors and design.

Former Democratic Rep. John Dingell was one of the many Twitter users that had an opinion of the suggestive logo stating, “What is the T doing to that P.”

Yair Rosenberg, an editor at Israel State Archives, posted on Twitter, “We all knew that any politician who became Trump’s running mate would be screwed for life, but this is a bit blunt.”

It’s ironic how both Trump and Pence are both devout Christians and are strong anti-gay advocates, yet their campaign logo sexually suggests otherwise.

Trump announced Pence as his running mate shortly before his controversial logo was released to the public. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

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